Dear NHL Fan,

I watched with great interest when season tickets for NHL Seattle went on sale on March 1st. I was not surprised when fans hit the 10,000 deposit milestone in just 12 minutes and in fact, I beamed with pride.

Recently, I accepted the challenge of leading the effort to bring NHL expansion to our region. It is the opportunity of a lifetime to work with owners David Bonderman and Jerry Bruckheimer trying to bring the great sport of hockey to Seattle.

This is a homecoming for my family. During our time in Seattle with the Seahawks and Sounders FC, we were able to form deep roots in the community and build many wonderful and lasting relationships. It is an honor to return to Seattle and build from scratch an organization that will mirror the unique values of our region and respect the traditions of the game.

I played hockey growing up and continued to skate in the adult leagues when I lived in Seattle. The game continues to grow and gain popularity locally, across North America, and internationally. The NHL is a league on the rise, with speed and grace and with players from around the world. The vibe of the NHL would be a fantastic fit for Seattle and connect us to US and Canadian cities, including a potential great rivalry with the Vancouver Canucks.

We are excited to work with Oak View Group to develop a new arena that will embrace Seattle’s sensibilities in preservation and be world class in all of its offerings and events.

You’ll be hearing from me often as we present our final case for expansion to the NHL. If we are fortunate to be awarded a club, shortly thereafter we will begin the process to engage you in each step of building it. I pledge to you a club that serves and makes our community better while pursuing the ultimate goal of bringing a Stanley Cup back to Seattle.


Tod Leiweke
President & CEO
Seattle Hockey Partners

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